Kid A Mnesia Exhibition For Free On Pc And Ps5: Radiohead’s ‘Oneiric Space’ Has A Date

In announcing the new three weekly Epic Store presents, Epic Games representatives also publish a video on KID A MNESIA Exhibition that unveils the launch date of the interactive experience dedicated to Radiohead and to

The project is developed by [namemachine] and Arbitrary Good Productions and, as reiterated in the new trailer, represents a “bridging dream space” in a building built ideally on the notes of Radiohead music.

The art, creatures, words and recordings of Kid A and Amnesiac resonate in the virtual walls of this interactive experience to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the two Radiohead albums.

The introspective journey proposed by Epic draws strength from the artworks and the anguished and twisted writings of Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke, enticing the viewer to bring back to life the mysterious entities that populate this building All this, to push the very concept of a hybrid concert to a breakup point at an art exhibition.

KID’s multitrack adventure at MNESIA Exhibition will officially start on November 18, with free downloads on PC, Mac OS (rigorously on Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5 on PS

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