Kickstarter Opens To Blockchain: Crowdfunding System Becomes Decentralized

Kickstarter announced he wanted to move to the blockchain. The company will continue to provide its main services to creators and backers, but the fundraising system will be based on an open source protocol that “will essentially create a decentralised version of the main Kickstarter features.”

For this initiative, Kickstarter chose Celo, which claims to be a zero-emission public blockchain, as the basis for the new protocol. Together they will create an independent organization, for which Kickstarter PBC – the company that manages the crowdfunding platform of the same name – will provide funding and appoint a board of directors.

Kickstarter has been keen to point out that the possibilities currently offered by its crowdfunding platform will remain unchanged: “As a user, whether you are a creator or a backer, Kickstarter’s experience You won’t see the protocol, but you’ll benefit from its improvements. Backers can continue using their regular credit and debit cards to participate in campaigns and creators can continue to receive regular currency to carry out their projects.”

As for the motivations that have led to this change, the company remains momentarily vague. The general intention, however, is to “allow people to carry out their projects everywhere,” and it is added that: “Since everyone is invited to contribute to the protocol and participate in the ecosystem, a wider range of good ideas on how to create a new environment will emerge. As a result, the most creative projects will eventually find the tools and resources they need.” In the coming days, Kickstarter will publish a White Paper, an official document in which all further details will be discussed.

As the CEO of EA Andrew Wilson hoped, blockchains are growing in the videogaming industry.

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