Ken Levine Is Seen As A Terrible Leader: What Happened To The Game Of Bioshock’s Dad?

It was February 19, 2014 when Ken Levine announced the closing of Irrational Games, 17 years after its foundation: the creative and its developers were completing the work on the second and last DLC of Bioshock Infinite, acclaimed game

After the final closure of the study and publication of Burial at the Sea Episode 2, Levine founded Ghost Story Games, a new reality in Westwood, Massacchussets, with the aim of working on a smaller project After eight years, however, this game has not yet seen the light. What happened to him?

Jason Schreier was interested in this matter, who in his latest report for Bloomberg painted a portrait of Ken Levine and his work which was far from idyllic. “Ken Levine is often described as a genius – the creator of Bioshock – but many of those who worked with him describe him as a difficult leader to approach and unable to communicate his vision. His creative process, which often leads to the loss of months of work, has caused conflicts and exhaustion among his developers,” Schreier explains. According to the reporter’s testimony, his methods of management have damaged many people, to the point that half of the founding members of Ghost Story Games have abandoned. Levine is described by both the current employees and the former as a leader who tends to alienate and intimidate employees who challenge him or who do not meet his expectations. Many of the respondents have asked to remain anonymous, fearing repercussions on them.

Over all these years, the game has been faced with multiple rebooting and still today it turns out to be without a name and a date of release. Although his stated goal was to make a smaller game, according to some former employees Levine instead trying to achieve an ambitious project like Bioshock but with a fraction of the staff that had available in Irrational Games.

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