Ken Levine Does Not Work At Bioshock 4: The Latest On The Nextgen Game Of The Series Dad

The latest interview given to the editors of the Arcade Attack podcast offers BioShock’s dad, Ken Levine, the opportunity to confirm his lack of involvement in the BioShock 4 project. For the occasion, Ghost Story Games boss also offers small clues about his next video game.

The founder and top representative of the Irrational Games team renamed in Ghost Story in 2017 starts from the anticipations on the game he is working to underline how “looking for the first time the project, people will be surprised but, at the same Anyway, yes, it will be a very interesting project and I look forward to showing it to people.”

Always on the expectations of BioShock fans for the next game by Ken Levine, the designer and writer of Rapture and Columbia’s interactive universes adds that “my team and I don’t want to follow the path we have taken We don’t want people to look at our title and make the wrong impressions because of a wait and a clamor that would be untrue. For this reason, we prefer to announce our game when we are as close to the launch window as possible.”

Returning to his clarification on the lack of involvement in the project of the next BioShock chapter in development at Cloud Chamber, Levine recalls the concepts already expressed in recent months and underlines that “I am not contributing in any way to the development of the future BioS On the other hand, I am a person who does not like half measures, so there is no kind of involvement in that project. But I wish the best to those who are developing it. How much do I know about the new BioShock? Like anyone else, essentially, and like everyone else I’ll only play it when it arrives in the shops.”

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