Ken Kutaragi, Playstation’s Dad: ‘I Don’t Like Metaverts And Virtual Reality’

Ken Kutaragi is not a fan of the metaverse or virtual reality. He is the same creator of the PlayStation in an interview with Bloomberg, where he has proved to be rather critical of these alternative realities.

The most negative comments are particularly reserved for metaverses, which are becoming increasingly discussed even within the video game scene. After all, the metaverse is the basis of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision, a sign of how even the major industrial giants look with interest at this alternative world. However, for Kutaragi, the issue is completely different.

“Being in the real world is very important, but the metaverse allows you to become almost real in a virtual world, and for me this doesn’t make any sense,” said former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who continues: “Favourite Basically, it is not so different from the messaging sites where anonymity is applied.”

The 70-year-old entrepreneur also rejects VR viewers: “The viewers isolate you from the real world, and I cannot agree. They’re just boring.” In any case Sony has now well traced his way on the topic, after unveiling the technical specifications of PlayStation VR2 during his conference at CES 2022.

Do you agree with Kutaragi’s words or not?

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