Josef Fares: Making Movies Is A Holiday Compared To Video Games, For The Author Of It Takes Two

That Josef Fares preferred the video game world by far to the cinematic world, we had understood it well at The Game Awards 2017, when the author came up on stage offered by Geoff Keighley to shout at the

Fresh victory at The Game Awards 2021, where the Lebanese author took home the Game of the Year award thanks to It Take Two, Fares reiterated in a recent interview that he felt the videogaming industry was much more Filming a movie, according to Fares, is like enjoying a holiday, if we compare it to the development of a video game.

“As an author who has worked in both sectors, doing six feature films and now four games, I can tell you: when I go back and make a film – and I will do it in the future – it will be like taking a vacation. We have an extreme amount of different mechanics and we have to take them to a level where everything makes sense, from the point of view of finishing. Not only that, we have to create bosses, enemies and everything else, and every boss takes six to nine months to be created. The way it works for the player is about five or six minutes of play, but there is an extreme amount of factors in the background.

It’s interactive entertainment. You have your audience going wild and you’re creating everything from scratch. In the movies you have an actor, a human being, a voice, movement, the environment, sound. And it is a much more controllable means.”

Fares says he respects the cinema and the Oscars, however he believes that more credit should be given to the most deserving authors of the video game industry: “When I arrived at the 2017 Game Awards, everyone said: “This is the Oscar of the “That’s where it came from. It wasn’t a statement to say that the Oscars were a bad thing.”

After winning critics and audiences with It Take Two, Josef Fares has already launched a new game.

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