John Madden, Testimonial Of Electronic Arts Nfl Video Games, Died

The National Football League announced the death of John Madden at the age of 85, an icon of American football star and stripes and reflectedly great protagonist of the video game world thanks to the success of the Madden NFL series

From the late 1980s, John Madden lent his name to the EA Sports sports series and also his face until 2001, when he saw the publisher start using athletes as a cover testimonial instead of the famous coach John Madden Football was released in 1988 while in 1993 the name was changed to Madden NFL, the same football league paid tribute to John Madden’s video games with a social post, remembering how they sold over 250

John Madden’s career was long and prolific, after a serious injury in his youth he stopped his field activity to devote himself to training, bringing success to the Oakland Raiders with the victory at the Super Bowl in 1976 and then undertake

“Nobody loved football more than John Madden. There will never be anyone else like John Madden and we will always be indebted to him for what he did to catch football and the NFL more and more famous and popular around the world,” this message published by Roger Stokoe Goodell

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