John Madden And Success In Video Games: The Nfl Second Only At Cod In The Usa

In the morning of December 29, 2021 we reported the sad news of John Madden’s death at the age of 85. The legendary coach and American football TV newscaster has also left his mark in the gaming world thanks to the Madden NFL series, a certainty in the field of sports for decades.

As a proof of the importance of Electronic Arts franchise, particularly in the United States, the well-known analyst of NPD Mat Piscatella emerges a very interesting commercial data: in the last year Madden NFL was the most sold game on American soil While football is the ultimate sport in the USA, this is a further confirmation of the great importance in the gaming field covered by the brand born in 1988 with John Madden Footbal, and which continues today.

“How big is Madden in gaming? Just know that in the last 12 months the only premium games capable of generating larger receipts than Madden NFL have been the Call of Duty,” confirms Piscatella by reporting sales statistics in a table. In this regard, in memory of the iconic coach, reading Madden NFL 22 review can be a good way to discover the qualities, and defects, of the brand’s latest iteration.

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