It Takes Two And Future: Josef Fares Criticizes Nfts And Gaas Singleplayer

After witnessing Josef Fares jumping past It Takes Two, Hazelight’s boss looks out on the Washington Post pages to harshly criticize companies that adopt NFTs in video games and manifest its opposition to the idea

Reflecting on the phenomenon of games supported by modern systems of cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens, the eclectic designer, screenwriter and Lebanese director is sure to say that “if you are developing a game and decide to adapt the Of course, the delegate of any big company would say that I’m a fool to think so because, after all, we are all inside companies that deal with making money. And yet I would say no. For me, video game is art.”

With regard to continuous-development video games or GaaS, the dad of the GOTY of the Game Awards 2021 It Takes Two, and cooperative experiences as important as Brothers at Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, expresses I mean, people can take that approach if they want to, I’m not saying that replayability and the GaaS are bad. I am only specifying that for the games we develop at Hazelight, i.e. weft-based titles and oriented to a singleplayer experience (meaning as untied by any online component and therefore to be used also in cooperative, ed), the concept of And then we already have the problem of people who don’t finish singleplayer video games, so why waste resources on things like replayability?”

During another interview given to NME, Fares jokingly discussed his work and explained that making movies is like going on holiday compared to the development of video games.

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