It Is A Perfect End To The Winter Season Of The Amazon University Esports!

Yesterday ended the Winter Split of the second season of the Amazon UNIVERSITY Exports Italy, the most important national gaming tournament that puts Italian universities in competition.

The tournament was born with the aim of stimulating the cohesion and participation of students and to increase the team spirit, and also to cultivate the talent and creativity of players, future protagonists of international export.

The second season of the university tournament has gathered an enthusiastic participation in Italy confirming a fast-growing trend: 53 universities were involved from all over the peninsula. ♪ It’s a pleasure to see the participation of the ever-increasing university export events, says Mario Andrea De Fazio, President of the Federal Section of CUS Milano esport. ›We have presented teams composed and managed by university clubs such as Milan University Gamers (MUG, University of Milan), Bicocca Gaming (University of Milan Bicocca), AESPORT Polimi (Poly

In the CUS Milano ethics, we review the excellent values of traditional sport leaving the palazzetti, to sit at the table of our players and confirm themselves in the context of export. We are happy with the results achieved in 2021 by our teams, we hope a new series of wins throughout 2022.

During the Winter Split, which has just ended with the traditional show that has always animated the finals exports, the best players of each university have tried a challenge that has put their value to the test on seven different titles: Legends of Runeterra

Players were able to freely choose their favorite game, allowing each to challenge their opponents in the most congenial type of video game and to show off their talent and amazing skills in the eyes of the audience, who could not help but The winners of the exciting competition have won an Amazon prize pool of 9.575€, which can also be used to purchase books and university materials to support the academic career of players.

After the success of the competition just ended, the second Spring Split is already underway and is contested on some of the most popular games among fans: League of Legends, Rocket League and Clash Royale. To those who will be crowned winners, the incredible opportunity to represent Italy in the most exciting university tournament of the old continent, the Amazon UNIVERSITY Exports Masters, which sees the challenge of the best students of the If Italy succeeds in making it, the Bel Paese could represent Europe in the world final! As in previous editions, Amazon UNIVERSITY Exports has been supported by several sponsors such as ACER Predator, Intel and Samsung, who have provided the latest generation technologies and the highest power in the gaming field, thus confirming their

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