Is Xbox Series S Better Than Xbox One X With An Ssd? The Answer In Df Tests

After conducting graphic analysis on the EU5 tech demo Matrix Awakens, the Digital Foundry collective tries to answer a question asked cyclically by the community: just install an SSD on Xbox One X to make it more powerful than

From an exquisitely computational point of view, the midgen model of the past generation of Microsoft consoles would not need any addition to overcome Xbox Series S power: as underlined in all industry analyses, the G 6 teraflops

The Digital Foundry team has tried to reduce the performance gap between the two Microsoft consoles by adding solid state memory to Xbox One X. The results obtained by the collective of “technologic analysts” linked to are a reflection of the current context dominated by crossgen development: in some cases, the “potential” model of Xbox One X brilliantly supports the comparison with X

By taking stock, DF highlights the excellent balance in the individual components chosen by Microsoft designers to build the hardware architecture of Xbox Series S and advises those who own Xbox One X to avoid buffer solutions based on the purchase of an SSD that, for As time goes by, and therefore with the progressive abandonment of the crossgen approach to development, the technological and performance gap between Xbox One X (with or without SSD) and Series S will only grow. For the analysis of the individual games tested by Digital Foundry, we leave you to their latest video in depth.

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