Is It Worth Buying Xbox Series S With Black Friday Discounts?

How much does Xbox Series S cost for Black Friday? Microsoft’s next-gen console is on sale at major retailers at 279.90 euros, this is the current price on Amazon and other retailers like GameStop, Gamelife and Mediaworld. Is it worth considering the purchase or not?

As mentioned Xbox Series S costs 279.90 euros on Amazon, a lower price than the normally fixed list at 299,99 euros. The discount will clearly attract a large number of consumers and here you can find the question already asked in the title: is it worth buying Xbox Series S or not? The right answer is depend.

Xbox Series S is not a console designed for early adopters and hardcore gamers, the differences between Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are already known and concern the CPU, GPU and At the software level there are no differences and also Xbox Series S supports DirectX Ray-Tracing, Smart Delivery, Xbox Velocity Architecture, Variable Rate Shading, Space Audio and up Framerates

To be noted the total absence of the Blu-Ray player, this means that Xbox Series S cannot read games or movies in physical format but only digital, it doesn’t seem to be the perfect console to start discovering the catalog X

The Xbox Series S commercial with Khaby Lame points in this direction and underlines that the console is suitable for young people, families and in general those players who do not aim to play on the most performing system ever. This does not mean that Xbox Series S is not a valid console, indeed sales are constantly increasing and consumers appreciate the platform, so everything depends on your needs. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the possibility to use Series S as a media center and access Netflix, Disney Plus, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video and many other video on demand platforms.

Would you like an additional incentive to purchase? For the Black Friday Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is on offer for a euro for a month, a promotion simply not to be missed to start discovering the Microsoft service.

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