Is Elden Ring A Souls Or Is It Something Different?

Elden Ring promises to be one of the best games of 2022. The new title of From Software is expected for next February 25 on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and expectations have long been skyrocketing, to the point that for Miyazaki Elden Ring will be the best title From.

Considering that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the previous work of the Japanese studio, was part of a different genre (the Action/Adventure genre), Elden Ring will be a Souls or is it something different? The answer is quite simple: the game is in effect a Soulslike and, indeed, seems to share several ideas with the acclaimed series of Dark Souls. Action/RPG lovers and their particular sub-category strongly in vogue in recent years can already imagine what to expect from Elden Ring, who promises to be one of his best exponents.

That said, it is good to point out that Elden Ring is not a follow-up to Dark Souls: while being part of the same genre, the next game of Hidetaka Miyazaki is set in a completely new scenario, that of It’s up to players to find out what surprises the new universe created by the famous designer and his team will offer. In the meantime, in this regard, do not miss our special on the mythology of the Elden Ring Interregno.

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