Is Cod Warzone And Vanguard A Disaster?

Call of Duty’s ecosystem is going through one of the darkest periods of its history. COD Vanguard and Warzone Pacific are afflicted with numerous issues that are affecting the gaming experience, with the first one that would be selling below expectations – to the point that rumors of an early launch for the next

Activision seems to be well aware of the situation and last weekend promised all the players that it will solve as soon as possible all the problems that afflict the games of Call of Duty. “We listen to you and understand your frustration. Our teams are working hard to solve the problems encountered in Vanguard, Warzone and Modern Warfare. Updates will be published as quickly as possible,” they promised the company’s top floors.

Words that have, however, encountered the distrust of Kate Anderson, an employee of the Activision Quality Control Department, as well as members of the A Better ABK alliance that fight for a better working environment. Anderson blamed Call of Duty’s maladministration on all the blames of Activision’s problems, which would also prove unable to handle the protests of Raven Software QA employees that have been going on for weeks. “Employees on strike have received countless similar emails, with written ‘we listen and understand your frustration’, even though the administration refuses to communicate with us. Call of Duty’s current state is the child of their inability to manage responsibly.”

No doubt very harsh words, to which Activision can respond effectively only with facts. Will you be able to bring Call of Duty back to the former splendour?

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