Is Bethesda Roundhouse Developing A Marvel Or Dc Pvpve Licensed Game?

Although there is nothing for sure at the moment, it seems that Bethesda Roundhouse Studios (the team founded by the ashes of Human Head Studios) is working on a third person multiplayer shooter based on a big license from the comic book world.

Apparently the project in question was being developed in Human Head’s studios and presented itself as a third-person shooter with hybrid components PvP and PvPe based on a highly recall cartoon license, presumably Marvel or DC Comics

The game was based on Unreal Engine 4 and we use the past because the works seem to have been completely interrupted after the closure of Human Head and the subsequent foundation of Roundhouse Studios under the protective wing of Bethesda in 2019. So far nothing strange, the LinkedIn profile of a Roundhouse member, however, talks about a game not yet announced in development since 2019 with over 50 developers active on the project.

Is it the same game or not? Could it be a production that might be destined for the mobile market, but at the moment it is simply a hypothesis and since its foundation Roundhouse Studios has not announced any game… that the times are finally ripe?

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