Is Among Us Dead? Absolutely Not, There’s Also A Manga Coming.

In recent times we talk less about Among Us but this does not mean that the game is on the avenue of sunset and after the collaboration between Among Us and League of Legends Arcane comes now an equally interesting news, that is the next debut

The manga adaptation of Among Us will debut on the next issue of the Japanese magazine Bessatsu Corocoro, released on February 4, is not clear though whether the manga will be published in several parts or whether it will be a self-concluding story.

How can the Weft of Among Us be adapted to other media? In 2020 a group of fans created a high-voltage short film that has been successful with over eleven million views, so who knows that even the authors of the manga have not thought of a dramatic story full of twists or if the comic book

Unfortunately, at the moment we know nothing more and the news coming from Japan is minimal, the various sources have confirmed only the publication of the manga of Among Us for February, we just have to wait a few weeks to learn more.

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