Io Interactive: Will Hitman’s Home Be Purchased By Microsoft? Insider Launches The Hypothesis

After years under the label Square Enix, since summer 2017 IO Interactive has been back to being an independent studio, carrying on the historic series of Hitman with the release of the third act of the new trilogy dedicated to Agent 47 at the

As witnessed by our review of Hitman 3, the game once again confirmed the great qualities of the Danish studio, which is why it may have attracted the attention of a great giant of the video gaming industry. According to ResetEra’s well-known insider Krobrille, Microsoft would be interested in buying IO Interactive and that the arrival of Hitman Trilogy on the Game Pass could be a first sign towards this direction.

“There are rather obvious signs of a good relationship between the two parts, which could become even bigger with Project Dragon,” says the insider starting from a tweet of the “connect” Jez Corden, who, responding “Jez is not confirming anything, he just reported what many of us honestly already think,” continues Krobrille, adding that “If this will lead to an actual acquisition, I’m pretty sure nobody knows for sure.”

So it is simply speculation on the part of the insiders, so there is nothing certain about this possibility. But if Microsoft and Io Interactive really had to marry, would you like the idea?

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