Intellivision Amico, The User Interface In Detail: From The Library To The Store

Intellivision Amico, family-friendly console proposed by Intellivision Entertainment, does not have a launch date yet, but in return has finally shown us its user interface.

The President and Chief Creative Officer Tommy Tallarico and Art Director Ed Schofield have led us to discover the user interface of Intellivision Amico, console that will be sold at the price of 249 dollars with two controllers The movie, captured directly by Friend, shows the game start screen, characterized by a category system. There are five titles installed on the system presented, namely Astrosmash, Biplanes, Cornholf, Shark! Shark! and Skiing, and each of them is accompanied by a gameplay preview screen.

There is, of course, the Store: Intellivision Friend players will be able to buy new games with prices ranging from $2.99 to $9.99. The last part of the video is dedicated to the Settings screen, from which you can also select the Italian language.

Get a better idea by watching the footage in the news. The launch of Intellivision Amico was initially scheduled for October 2020, but the difficulties generated by the pandemic forced the team to postpone it first to April 2021, then to October 10, 2021 and finally indefinitely. To date, we don’t know the date of launch of the console.

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