Infinite Bioshock: Booker And Elizabeth Shine In Pixel Art In The Demake For Snes

Galvanized by Cory Barlog’s compliments for God of War’s Demake PS1, the 64Bits youtubers have decided to spend these Christmas holidays in the SNES style reconstruction of one of the most representative scenes of

This time, the famous collective of content creators has taken inspiration from the masterpieces of the past to pay tribute to one of the most iconic video games of recent years, reimagining the graphics and gameplay mechanics to make them adhere to the language lu

If in the case of God of War the 64Bits team preferred to look in the direction of the first PlayStation, this time the youtubers turned their attentions towards the Super Nintendo to wonder what aspect would have taken BioShock

To reinterpret in key SNES the first meeting between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, the authors of Demake wisely choose to abandon the view in first person and approach the scene in a creative way, that is to say reconstruct Of course, there are references to the great classics of the genre, as admitted by the same members of the youtuber collective claiming to have been inspired by the graphics section of Clock Tower and the gameplay of Indiana Jones for Super Nintendo.

The 64Bits boys claim to have at least 6-7 other similar projects in the yard, each dedicated to a great video game for PC and modern consoles. Meanwhile, let us know with a comment what you think of this Demake, but not before reading this report of our latest rumors about BioShock Isolation set in Antarctica in the 1990s.

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