Indie Video Games: ‘To Create One Is No Longer Enough $1 Million’, Explains Finji

From the columns of, the co-founders of Finji Rebekah and Adam Saltsman help us understand the huge challenges that indie developers (and, as in their case, its publishers) face to launch on the

In discussing this important topic, the two exponents of Michigan’s publisher obviously take their cue from their experience as publishers of indie games known all over the world as Chicory A Colorful Tale, Wilmot’s Warehouse, Night in

In this regard, Rebekah Saltsman reports that “the budget required to launch a game has grown dizzyingly. Only five years ago you could reason on the development of an indie game and predict total investments for a million dollars, which was already a crazy amount then. Today, you realize that you can’t launch an indie game if you don’t invest at least four million dollars in the project. I know, it’s crazy because it’s a lot of money, and that’s without taking into account that you never know how many copies you’re going to sell.”

Finji’s founder explains that “of all the indie games that are launched, only a tiny fraction can reach the 100,000 copies sold. So yes, that’s the rock you always have to go and bang when you’re thinking in economic terms about the sustainability of indie games. It takes an eternity to create a quality one, and even there, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage resources to improve graphics and smooth the corners of gameplay.”

In closing his speech, Saltsman urges indie developers and their respective publishers to evaluate with extreme attention the evolution of the video gaming industry in the hope of intercepting the tastes and needs of users: “If you don’t do things right, you will be able to So take care of your project, respect it and respect the people who are doing it by entrusting you with the fate of the work of their lives. It takes years to develop those games, not to treat them insensitively.”

To learn more about Finji’s works, here you will find our review of Night in the Woods.

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