Iluvium, The Nft Metaverse Does Not Stop Expanding: The Survival Mode Is Coming

After showing us the Crimson Wastes of Illuvium, the developers of the NFT Metaverse who hybridize the roles adventures to autobatters reveal one of the many innovations that will enrich the play experience of users of this universe

With the eloquent video “work in progress” you find in the tweet at the bottom of the news, the independent software house that is shaping the blockchain size of Illuvium offers us a small but important preview on the Survival Mode

The first Survival test will start shortly with Private Beta 1, a phase that will give the digital forges of Illuvium the opportunity to focus its efforts in the direction of innovations, modifications and content additions most requested by fans.

In the intentions of the creators of Illuvium, the Survival Mode will be but only one of the many surprises planned for this 2022: visitors of the dimension autobattler and GDR of Illuvium will in fact be able to undertake real missions of exploration to The decentralized economy on which the whole Illuvium project is based will be further expanded with the arrival of new scenarios and even more original arenas where you can challenge yourself by leading an army of Illuvials, NFT creatures to use as

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