Ill Moves To Unreal Engine 5: New Video Teaser For Horror Shooter

Presented to the public at the beginning of the year, ILL is a hyperviolent shooter horror, which over the last few months has made more and more talk about itself among fans of the genre.

Originally developed by a team of independent authors with few means, the title has been able to count on interesting progress over time. Among the latter, the announcement of this summer, which confirmed the creation of a real software house by the developers involved in the project, is of course outstanding. With the new Clout Games working on ILL, the development of this horror-dyed shooter has finally entered the live.

Now, from the small but ambitious team come interesting news. It has been confirmed that ILL will come to life thanks to the Unreal Engine 5, the promising last iteration of the versatile graphic engine of Epic Games. To offer a first taste of the shooter gameplay, Clout Games also released a short video teaser of the adventure in person. The film is available directly at the beginning of this news: what do you think, can tease your curiosity?

For an overview of what is waiting for in this new horror, we would like to point out that on Everyeye pages there is a preview of ILL, edited by our Giovanni Panzano.

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