Ikai, Between Horror And Japan: A Taste Of Gameplay Announces Release Date And Free Demo

With the advent of the new year, there are already those who are determined to terrorize video game fans with a new production. Waiting to find out the release date of Ghostwire Tokyo, there is another horror title ready to take us to Japan.

We’re talking about Ikai, a disturbing first-person adventure that fits in with the tradition of psychological horrors. Set in the ever-striking Japan Feudal, the Endflame Studio title is now known to reach the gaming market. The PM Studios publisher has recently confirmed that Ikai will be available from March 29, 2022. On this date, the dark epic will be published in digital edition and retail on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In the role of the priestess Naoko, the players will be entrusted with the care of a shinto temple. The situation is not the simplest, with mysterious apparitions that have thrown the village into hysteria. Convinced that a new demon has made its appearance in the Underworld of Yokai, the citizens are now terrified. Naoko, however, is skeptical, and among the Japanese mountains she leads a traditional life. However, when she goes to the river to collect water, the young priestess is forced to recognize her own mistake: struck by a supernatural entity, she will have to make a disturbing surreal journey, halfway between life and death.

For more details about this new production, please note that on Everyeye pages you can find a rich trial by Ikai, signed by our Giovanni Panzano. If you want to test the game firsthand, please note that PM Studios has taken advantage of the announcement of Ikai’s release date to publish a free Demo on Steam. Directly at the bottom of this news, you will also find a gameplay escape of psychological horror.

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