Ico Turns 20, Rediscover It With A 1998 Video Concept

On 6 December 2001 Sony Interactive Entertainment launched ICO for PlayStation 2 in Japan, twenty years have passed since that day and genDESIGN (the team founded by Fumito Ueda) wanted to remember the moment with a

The movie you can view on YouTube, lets ICO’s dad, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian know, dates back to 1998 and was created to present the concept of the game to the publisher and the team It is a very rough video, also published without any kind of editing, and that does not fully justice to what would later become ICO, in any case it shows some of the ideas experienced by Ueda that would then find space in the final game.

ICO has been working on the original PlayStation for two years until the team has collided with technical and structural limitations related to hardware potential, hence the decision to release the game on PlayStation 2.

Launches in the US in September and Japan in December 2001 (in Europe only the following year), ICO was welcomed by public and critical but sales did not shine, stopping at about 700,000 copies worldwide.

The series continued with Shadow of the Colossus for PS2 and The Last Guardian for PS4, the latter protagonist of a decidedly troubled development that saw the game rise from its ashes only a few years ago to nine years of

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