I Am Jesus Christ Is Getting Ready For Christmas: Jerusalem Is In Eu 5 In The New Video

On the eve of the Christmas festivities, it seemed inevitable to publish a new update on the state of the work on I Am Jesus Christ, a peculiar simulator dedicated to the figure of Jesus.

From the offices of SimulaM, the development team therefore makes known that its new title will see the light during 2022. Waiting for Day One, the curious public to learn more, will have the chance to try I Am Jesus Christ with their hand. The authors have announced the organization of a first Beta Test, which will feature the Alpha version of the game. To register for the session, simply fill out the form from the Indie Steam page. The first 250 players to apply will have guaranteed access to the Beta, while the others will have to wait for the second session, scheduled just before Christmas.

After presenting us with 40 days in the Desert of I Am Jesus Christ, SimulaM now offers a new glimpse of the world of simulator. In particular, through the diary video you find opening this news, developers show the first version of Jerusalem. Remember that the game is currently working in progress and that SimulaM is shaping the title using the new Unreal Engine 5, with I Am Jesus Christ supporting Lumen.

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