Hyrule Warriors The Age Of Calamity: Prequel Of Breath Of The Wild At 4 Million Copies

With the publication of the Pass Expansions by Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Calamity, the Musou-style action that traces the events preceding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ha

To suggest it, these are the latest sales data released by Koei Tecmo, which is a good sign of the achievement of the goal of 4 million copies distributed for the exclusive Nintendo Switch. According to Japanese publisher Hyrule Warriors last spring: The Calamity Age counted on 3.7 million copies distributed. As a result, since then, the title has reached the consoles of over 300,000 additional video players, who have decided to explore the production several months away from Day One, dating back to the already distant November 2020.

This is certainly an interesting result, especially for a production with a strong Musou style: a genre traditionally very close to the tastes of the Japanese public, but less well-established in Europe or North America. Thanks to the drive offered by an IP of the caliber of The Legend of Zelda and, even more, the extraordinary success achieved over the years by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the latest incarnation of the series

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