Hyrule Warriors: Recreating Breath Of The Wild Grass Was A Nightmare For Koei-Tecmo

Koei-Tecmo developers have unveiled a curious background on Hyrule Warriors, the spin-off musou of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The title takes place 100 years before the events of the open world of Eiji Aonuma, and for this reason some environments coexist in both productions.

Koei-Tecmo admitted that he had encountered particular difficulties in faithfully reproducing Hyrule Field. The reason? Replicating the visual effect of Breath of the Wild has proved to be much more complex than expected.

“It took us centuries to make the grass,” said artistic director Yuu Oohoshi. “It took about half the time of development to finish retouching the grass in the game. We really struggled to recreate the atmosphere of Hyrule Field.”

Koei-Tecmo even contacted Nintendo’s internal teams to find the right solution: “We asked Nintendo’s Zelda team how they had made the grass in Breath of the Wild, and even though they shared

The issue has really run the risk of getting out of hand, so much so that the entire company has been involved in order to achieve the desired result.

“The game has a lot of grass, so we also considered whether there were any other methods at our disposal. The whole company was dragged into the problem of grass, wasn’t it?”, the words of the director of the game Ryouta Matsushita. “It’s not an exaggeration if we say we’ve been dealing with development staff, computer graphics departments, and technical support all the time.”

If you are curious to learn more about Koei-Tecmo’s musou we invite you to recover our Review of Hyrule Warriors.

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