Hunt Showdown: The New Patch Will Enable 60Fps On Ps5 And Xbox Series X Plus

Crytek is back talking about Hunt Showdown, and he does that by announcing the arrival of a new first-person shooter patch. The German company has confirmed that this new update will significantly improve the game experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X Plus thanks to the 60 frames per second rating.

“We confirm that with the 1.7 update we will remove the 30fps limit on Xbox Series S/X and PS5,” we read in Crytek’s post reddit. “This will allow new-generation console owners to play Hunt up to 60fps. The team always works to improve the gaming experience for as many users as possible. Many important features are coming with update 1.7 as the support function for reconnecting and custom loadouts. So, we felt that this was the perfect time to meet another request that the community had been making for us for some time.”

The development team also promised PS4 and Xbox One players that the shooter performance will be improved over the next year: “In the new year we will work to make some improvements to the previous generation of consoles. Our next step will be to ensure the 30fps stable for all our players on Xbox One and Playstation 4”.

Remember that the game already supports cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For further details on the title of Crytek, please refer to our Review of Hunt Showdown.

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