Humankind: Free Demo For Sega’s Strategic Intriguing

Available since August 2021 on PC and Google Stadia, Humankind has proven to be a strategic 4X shift of thickness, complex and articulated, capable of breaking into the heart of all fans of the genre.

As witnessed by our Humankind review, the work produced by SEGA and developed by Amplitude Studios is a product that would be reductive to define a simple “clone” of the famous Civilization series, but has a depth But if you have never had the chance to give the title Amplitude a chance, now might come the right opportunity to experience everything the work offers.

Developers have in fact made available a Humankind demo ready for download from Steam or Epic Games Store: thanks to this trial version you can experiment the first 100 rounds of the strategy starting from the Neolithic era and then arrive In addition, not only does the demo provide 14 different playable cultures, but it will also be possible to keep their progress and then import them into the full version if you decide to buy it.

And if that were not enough, the Humankind launch trailer, which depicts the landing on the moon in an ironic key, could be a further push to give a chance to the title, especially now that the demo is available.

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