Hu Tao Spectral In A Genshin Impact Theme Cosplay

The park characters of Genshin Impact is very varied, with a good presence of both males and females, as well as individuals with very different characteristics and attitudes. Some prefer physical combat, and here they are divided into various categories, who instead is oriented towards the magic one with its declinations.

There is a character in particular that is suitable for Halloween, festivity recently passed, and the darkest atmosphere of the autumn and winter months: the seventy-seventh director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor of L The pirouette character is often portrayed together with the spirits, also seen the place he manages, therefore it is similar to the period and therefore much used by the cosplayers to mark the arrival of November.

The cosplay by Hu Tao created by YingTze, originally from Malaysia, dresses the same black shades and with the clothes of the character of Genshin Impact, being accompanied by a ghost to make atmosphere.

Meanwhile Genshin Impact continues to be successful, closing a record year. This is also witnessed by the cosplayers crowding the network, such as Shermie and her cosplay of Mona Megistus.

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