How To Buy Sand On The Sandbox? Everything You Need

The Sandbox is growing ever more, clearly defining itself as one of the most important developing metaverses on the market now. Those who wish to enter it must, however, first understand how the cryptocurrency SAND works and, above all, buy SAND. How do you do that?

As explained in detail by service managers in the dedicated FAQ, the fastest way to buy $SAND is by logging into The Sandbox official website, click on the section dedicated to your profile on the toolbar on the left and finally on the button dedicated to the purchase At this point, the screen will show three authorized Exchange Partner platforms: Binance, Uniswap and Simplex.

As you will understand, then, you will also need to own an account in such services. Alternatively, you can opt for purchase directly from Exchanges such as Huobi, WazirX, UPbit, and Poloniex. Possible exchanges are for example $SAND/BTC, $SAND/ETH, $SAND/USDT, $SAND/BNB and $SAND/BUSD, but of course you can purchase by credit card or The Sandbox website will be ready to guide you through the process of purchasing $SAND in every step of the way, without leaving room for technical misunderstandings and problems. You will only have to provide patience and accounts necessary for the completion of the transaction.

If you are interested, we also refer you to our The Sandbox test.

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