How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Used Playstation 4 Console?

You never had a PlayStation 4? Are you curious to try any of the many exclusive PS4s that have dotted this rich video game generation? If so, buying a used console is the best choice to save money.

First, you should decide whether to buy a PlayStation 4 or the PS4 PRO. The price difference could be important to you. Looking at the virtual market of the used one can find some good opportunities, accomplice the fact that we are experiencing, right now, the generational transition to PlayStation 5 and so many users try to resell their console

Buying a PS4 is worth it especially if you are not interested in having the new PS5, since in 2021 there will be many interesting PS4 games. On various online marketplaces, a used PlayStation 4 Slim is located at about 200 euros. Looking at auctions and offers, however, these often start at 70 or 100 euros, but the tenderers you will have to compete with will be many, so don’t expect to be able to easily pop it up.

As for the PRO version, the price difference is about 100 euros compared to the younger sister, both in the listings buy it immediately and in the auction ones. It is not uncommon to find a PS4 Pro used for auctioning from 200 euros, often without games or accessories included. Look for a good offer and don’t hesitate, you can be sure that PS4 will still serve you for a long time!

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