How Much Does Elden Ring Weigh On Playstation 5? Size Unveiled By Dataminers

While George Martin describes his contribution to Elden Ring, the community marks the two months of waiting that still separate her from the debut of Action RPG.

Although the debut of the FromSoftware title is not just around the corner, it seems that the development team has already offered some important information to platform holders. The known dataminer is now online via the Twitter account “PlayStation Game Size” reveals this. With the twitter you find at the bottom of this news, the user has revealed that he has found some intriguing details about Elden Ring in the PlayStation Store.

In particular, it seems that the buyers of the game will be able to take advantage of the pre-load functions, with the download of the title that should become operational on 23 February 2022, therefore two days in advance of the Day One. According to dataminer, Elden Ring should also offer, in his incarnation for PlayStation 5, a total weight of 44,472 GB, all without calculating any Day One Patch.

At the moment, the dataminer community has not provided information on the PS4 version of Elden Ring. However, we can assume that on hardware, as on Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus, the preload can start at the same time as PS5. The file size will probably be different depending on the hardware considered.

At the end of the day, we would like to pay attention to any Elden Ring spoilers, which may become available in the short term.

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