How Many Games Have Been Released On Nintendo Gamecube?

GameCube was released in Europe in May 2002, but had no major impact on the market, with sales far from the success of PlayStation 2 and even lower than the first Xbox. Despite this, Nintendo fans enthusiastically supported the “cubet” by finding themselves in front of a park of respectable titles.

After learning how many games have been released on Nintendo 64, it’s time to find out how wide the GameCube’s title park was. Considering all the main territories (Japan, United States, Europe), in total at least 653 games were published, although the number may not be accurate at 100% bearing in mind not only the exclusive games depending on the region, but also the numerous bundles and bonus disks distributed in the

More specifically, 552 titles were released in the US, followed by Europe with its 453 games. Japan, however, does not go beyond 275 available software. Although not offering the immense variety seen on PS2, there were numerous memorable works on the fourth home platform of the Grande N: from Super Mario Sunshine to Metroid Prime, from The Legend of Zelda:

2021 marked the twentieth anniversary of the debut of the consul on Japanese and American markets: here are the best games for GameCube.

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