How Long Does Dying Light 2 Last? The Hours Needed To Complete The Game At 100%

Dying Light 2 Stay Human promises to be one of the hottest titles of this early 2022. On 4 February, on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as on Nintendo Switch via cloud, Techland’s work is very ambitious, especially in terms of duration and content.

Speaking of which, how long will Dying Light 2 last? The answer was given by the developers themselves, who spoke of a game with a longevity simply mastodontic: in fact, it will take 500 hours to finish Dying Light 2, a monstrous figure if you think that the first chapter required “only” 55 Immediately after the announcement, however, there were no lack of fans fears over 500 hours to finish Dying Light 2: the risk, in fact, is to find yourself in front of a repetitive product in the long term that could make the passing of so many

Techland then again spoke with various clarifications: it is confirmed first that the 500 hours is about the completion to 100% of the game, while instead finish the main story, explore a lot of the map and face the most important secondary activities will take about 80 hours of play while the campaign can

Remember that the first episode dated 2015 offered a story that could be completed in about 17 hours, which doubled finishing the secondary missions: in this sense, therefore, Dying Light 2 will have a much longer duration than the predecessor.

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