How Do You Ask For A Refund On Steam? The Procedure Explained

Did you happen to have a problem with one of your Steam purchases, or did you realize that the product you bought does not satisfy your tastes? No problem, as the proprietary platform in Valve grants its users the right to receive a refund, albeit within certain limits.

As you can read on the official website dedicated to assistance and refunds, as customers you will be able to request a full refund of the amount spent on any purchased product, provided that the request is made within 14 days of purchase and only in case the total Here is the complete procedure to request a refund on Steam:

Open the Steam Support website and login to your account

Select the Purchases item from the menu that will appear on your screen

From the menu that will appear on your screen Choose from the list of products that will show you the one for which you want to request a refund. If the product you want to request a refund of is not part of this list, it simply means that you cannot receive a refund for that purchase (probably because the requirements listed above are not met)

(probably because the requirements listed above are not met) From the next menu, select the problem you encountered with that product and then request reimbursement

Once you have filled out the form with the necessary data, including the payment method on which you want to receive the money back, you will have to do nothing but submit the request and wait for the confirmation email from Steam

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