Hot Wheels Unleashed Is A Success Made In Italy From Over A Million Copies Sold

Milestone announced that Hot Wheels Unleashed has reached and exceeded a million copies sold in physical and digital format since launch, which took place on 30 September on PC and all PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo S consoles

Hot Wheels Unleashed is the Milestone video game sold faster than ever, Luisa Bixio, CEO of Milestone, thanked the audience for this success that seems to have exceeded the expectations of the Italian studio. Andrew Chan, responsible for the Digital Gaming sector of Mattel, also spent praise words for Milestone congratulating him for the excellent reception reserved for Hot Wheels Unleashed and promising new content in 2022.

It is a quite different title than the standards of the Milestone team, for years engaged in working on two-wheel racing game like MXGP, RIDE and obviously the MotoGP series. Hot Wheels Unleashed, made in collaboration with Mattel (owner of the brand Hot Wheels) is a solid and well-made arcade game as witnessed in our review of Hot Wheels Unlea

Who knows that the success of public and critics gathered by Hot Wheels Unleashed cannot lead to further collaborations between Mattel and Milestone and perhaps to the production of other video games and digital content under Hot Wheels license developed by the Milan studio

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