Horizon Zero Dawn: Wild Aloy In A Russian Cosplay Oichi

That dark anther with apparently ancient pictograms that was seen in an old trailer was only the preamble to the epic history of Horizon Zero Dawn. In a country completely transfigured over a millennium, Aloy begins an adventure between robotic creatures and wild spaces and untouched by man.

In these post-apocalyptic United States of America, players have made the protagonist’s acquaintance in what was one of the most beloved video games of the last generation. Horizon Zero Dawn will not mark the end of the red-haired girl’s adventure, as the Horizon Forbidden West sequel is in progress. We will see Aloy again in action between new views and breathtaking views but inhabited by robot animals.

Before seeing the return of the protagonist to Horizon Forbidden West it will take a while, so we can deceive the wait with Aloy’s cosplay in the nature prepared by Russian Oichi. In the four photos uploaded to his Twitter account you can notice the beauty of his costume but also the beautiful light games of the chosen setting for these shots.

Aloy has appeared in Genshin Impact in one of the latest updates prepared by the MiHoYo studio, thus transporting the archer from the post-apocalyptic world to the fantasy one.

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