Horizon Zero Dawn Even More Beautiful On Pc: Comes Support To Nvidia Dlss And More

Horizon Zero Dawn is updated on PC with patch 1.11, which introduces several important technical improvements. In particular, the new update adds not only support to Nvidia DLSS, but also to FideltyFX Super Resolution of AMD, further maximizing the technical performance of the title signed Guerrilla Games.

With the addition of these technologies, Aloy’s first adventure now enjoys a higher resolution than it does, allowing players to set even higher graphics options and play with a better frame rate for an increasingly immersive gaming experience. In addition, Guerrilla has made further minor updates: now the phenomena of stuttering are much more contained and even the system of shadows appears more precise and realistic. On high-end PCs with faster CPUs, loading times are even faster thanks to improvements.

However, it is difficult for further patches to arrive for the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, given that by the beginning of 2021 developers had confirmed their intention to focus more and more efforts and resources on the development of the following, Horizon For

Finally, we remind you that Horizon Zero Dawn will be compatible with Steam Deck, as confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida, head of the PlayStation Indies division.

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