Horizon Gaia Cast, Discovering The World Of Aloy: Guerrilla Announces The New Program

After raising the curtain on the colossal biomachines coming to Horizon: Forbidden West, the Geurrilla Games team decided to give the audience a surprise in view of Aloy’s return to the scene.

The software house has announced Horizon: Gaia Cast, a special digital event that will be structured in several appointments. The podcast program will accompany players to discover the behind-the-scenes that led to the birth of the Horizon series’ imagination. Deepening characters, history and threats of the game world, Guerrilla Games wants to involve the audience in a rich approach to Horizon: Forbidden West.

The event Horizon: Gaia Cast will start shortly, with the first episode scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 23 November 2021. The Sony team has not yet communicated the time of transmission of the first podcast, but, as far as the contents are concerned, we already know that the episode will be entitled “All About Aloy”: we can expect a rich insight into The confirmation that the first Horizon Season: Gaia Cast will be dedicated exclusively to the first chapter of the series, suggests the arrival of a second Season following the debut of Horizon: Forbidden West.

Meanwhile, Guerrilla Games continue to hire their own company, which is aimed at expanding Horizon’s franchise.

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