Horizon Forbidden West: You Can Create Missions To Recover Rare Resources

In the last interview given by Mathijs de Jonge to Game Informer journalists, Game Director of Guerrilla Studies discussed Horizon Forbidden West’s ability to compete and reward for his career.

The exponent of the Dutch subsidiary of the PlayStation Studios recalls that “in Horizon Zero Dawn, the search for materials was mostly limited to the discovery of metal fragments. This time, we have tried to focus more on encounters with the Machines, therefore many of the upgrades of the equipment of Aloy will no longer be linked to the use of the metal fragments only but also to specific resources. You will need to explore the map and go hunting for the machines needed to get the resources you want.”

In view of this change to the crafting system, Aloy’s emuli will not have to wander without any destination for the West Forbidden West Forbidden but will be able to create specific missions to find the rare resources necessary for the In this way, players will be able to focus their efforts on creating the weapons and armor desired, but always taking into account the difficulties represented by the battles to be faced with the most archign machines.

At this point we just have to wait until the release of the highly anticipated exclusive Sony, set for February 18 on PS4 and PlauStation 5, to be able to prove in person the new system of creation of missions for the recovery of rare resources.

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