Horizon Forbidden West: West Forbidden Machines In The New Video Gameplay

After showing the first PS4 images of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games publishes a new, spectacular video gameplay on the machines of the expected Kolossal GDR exclusive PlayStation, with a focus on A

The latest film proposed by the Dutch software house brings us back to the West Forbidden to make Aloy familiar with some of the most majestic creatures he will encounter along the way. To accompany the video gameplay we also find images, also strictly in-engine and taken from the PlayStation 5 version, which portray in all their beauty the robust Giragusco, the mighty Solcasole and spit-

As the authors of the PlayStation Studios subsidiary themselves have specified, “some of these machines are guardians of the natural order, others are built only to kill. But the biggest problem is that the power to control them has ended up in the wrong hands,” referring to the ability of Override acquired by the tribe with which we will face together with the intrepid warrior known in Zero Dawn.

At this point we just have to leave you to the latest images and video on the Machines of Horizon Forbidden West, but first we remind you that the epic open world roles of Guerrilla will be available from February 18 on PS4 and Play

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