Horizon Forbidden West: There’s So Much To Say About The Gameplay, Here’s What We Found

About two months after the arrival of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4, the magazine Game Informer offers a rather extensive coverage that allows us to discover new and interesting information about the new adventure of Guerrilla Games.

The article is signed Kimberley Wallace: the editor was able to attend two different demos of Horizon 2, able to give a more in-depth look at the West Forbidden in which Aloy will have to walk to prevent the terrible plague In this video we will summarize the highlights of the coverage, but for a more extensive and rich examination we suggest you to take a look at the new issue of Game Informer.

First of all, in this sequel Guerrilla Games seems to have brought on an even higher level the characterization of Aloy. Feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders, the protagonist feels a strong pressure on herself, which will gradually increase as adventure progresses. Its characteristic growth moves hand in hand with the renewed skills provided. In this sense, in Horizon Forbidden West there will be a tree of talents larger than in the past, which branches out in six types of game: Warrior, focused on body-to-body attacks; Hunter, focused on weapons to Each of these paths will not be rigid and unique: during the advancement it will be possible to mix different skills to create a hybrid of freedom. Each specialization has approximately 20 to 30 skills, with passive and active skills. Inside each branch we find the so-called Valoroso Impeto, a special attack that can be recharged with a special bar.

After this general heart attack, the author of Game Informer moved to the description of the first demo she attended. This portion is set in the early stages of play, in an area called the Daunt, a canyon at the eastern end of Sundom. It is a sort of tutorial area, designed to allow players to become familiar with the new ludic mechanics: in essence, it is the last stop before the dangerous frontier of the Forbidden West. Here Aloy meets new machines similar to the warthogs, called Bristleback, which move in packs and use fangs to dig for resources. Also in this place, the protagonist then meets old and new knowledge: during the cinematic, the editor of Game Informer noticed a great improvement of facial animations and motion capture. Now Aloy seems more expressive than ever, able to communicate with a single glance a wide range of emotions.

Continuing in the demo, the protagonist reaches the Chainscrape area, where she can use a workbench to create enhanced arrows and defeat Burrows, creatures conceptually close to the otters and women They move quickly, are rather fierce and can also emit a sound to warn the allies and flush out the preys. To highlight the weaknesses of such mechanical beasts, Aloy can count on an enhanced scan, which also allows to understand whether an enemy has a key element for crafting or whether it is equipped with an indestructible armor part. In addition to his skills, in battle the player can count, in some circumstances, on the help of companions who can launch ammunition in case of need. However, the aggressive approach is not always the most functional. When it is short of resources, for example, the user can move in stealth and bypass threats.

In the settlement visited by Aloy it is possible to note that Guerrilla has placed great emphasis on improving the environment: denser, more populated, and more alive, not only for a higher graphic quality, but also for highly improved animations and for the iconic According to Game Informer, everything seems more authentic. The tavern of the settlement is a clear example of this, where the patrons delight in toasts and songs, audible in the background even after leaving the inn. Always in this kind of hub you can come across numerous sides of this, points of interest and activities to be accomplished. There is even a training camp where users can practice with their body to body, and learn combos step by step. As Game Informer’s microphones reiterated, Guerrilla has focused heavily on secondary missions, which should now appear more elaborate, favoring the connection with the various characters encountered in the West Forbidden.

The workbench is located within the settlement, on which to improve weapons and create traps or special equipment. Some instruments, such as the bow, can be upgraded three times. Many upgrades require however specific resources recoverable from the machines that populate the open world: therefore you will need to venture for the wild lands and go hunting certain targets.

Clothes work like guns. We can therefore improve its resistance, and also the characteristics of some pieces of equipment affect the skills of the Horizon Forbidden West skill tree. Combining the right dress with special talents, we will also have the ability to maximize Aloy’s overall power. Now we move on to the second portion of demo, located in a more advanced phase of the game. Here the protagonist is exploring San Francisco, in the middle of the Forbidden West, within a panorama of water, ruins and tropical vegetation. It is the territory of Slitherfang, a giant machine inspired by the rattlesnake: a very dangerous monster, which vomits thick poison, attacks with electric discharges and also with a sound wave capable of

The editor of Game Informer describes in detail this spectacular encounter, talking about a changing boss fight, in which the mechanical snake moves furiously destroying the surrounding environment and progressively modifying its patterns of the iconic It seems that to take down the game the player will have a good variety of approaches, for a combat system that makes freedom and inventiveness its strengths.

Finally, please note that the weight of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 has recently been discovered, the new game of Guerrilla Games is released in February 2022 on both Sony consoles.

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