Horizon Forbidden West: Still Pre-Orderable On Amazon With 20 Euros Of Free Psn Charging

Super promotion on Amazon still active for Horizon Forbidden West’s preorders: preordering now you will get a 20 euro free credit to use for digital purchases in the PSN. The promotion is valid for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions.

The title is pre-ordered to 69.99 euros in PS4 version and 80.99 euros in PS5 version, the PS4 version will be updated free of charge to PS5 version, the release date is scheduled for February 18.

The promotion is valid until February 17, day before the release of the game, but our advice is to take advantage of it immediately if you are interested in the title, there is a real risk that the copies in promotion will end sooner than expected.

Below are the links of the preorders:

Amazon is also pre-ordered with the Special Edition of the game, with SteelBook, digital soundtrack (to be redeemed via voucher), a mini artbook and additional content (League Nora dress and Ancient launch Nora), in pre

As always, Amazon’s pre-order games enjoy the promotion “booking at the guaranteed minimum price” that benefits those who book the game first, if the price of this should fall from the date of the order to the date of shipment, Amazon will automatically charge the lowest price

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