Horizon Forbidden West: Skill Tree And Upgrades, Avalanche Details From Game Informer

On the most popular forums begin to leak all the details about the reportage of Game Informer on Horizon Forbidden West, the awaited new work of Guerrilla Games coming on PS5 and PS4 on February 18, 2022.

In addition to offering new images for Horizon Forbidden West, the well-known magazine reveals several peculiarities related to the contents of Aloy’s next adventure, in particular with regard to the skill tree and upgrades for equipment, as reported

The skills available to the protagonist can be developed through six different roads: Warrior, focused on body-to-body attacks; Hunter, useful instead for distance combat; Machine Master, specialized in hacking; Survived Each of these branches has its own specific skills, between 20 and 30 for each of them.

In addition to secondary missions that will offer very substantial rewards to make them more significant on the playful front, much attention has been paid to upgrades, with much of the workshop to interact with. To improve each weapon you will need to have at your disposal numerous resources taken from the defeated machines during the adventure. Some equipment elements, such as the arc, can be upgraded three times. The costumes can also be improved between 3 and 5 times during the game, considerably improving Aloy’s resistance.

Among other details, the films now enjoy even more sophisticated motion captures and facial animations, while they will fight more often alongside NPC than was the case in the first chapter. There also seems to be a sort of fighting arena, called “Melee Pit,” within the villages scattered along the gaming world: here you can test your skills, learning to put into practice several new techniques of struggle.

Horizon Forbidden West is therefore looking even wider and richer than its predecessor. In February we will discover every secret of Guerrilla’s last effort.

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