Horizon Forbidden West: Ps4 Pre Gold Version, Spoiler Attention

As you will know, unfortunately piracy has hit PS4 and is allowing dataminers to spread information about incoming products with great ease, including Elden Ring. But it seems that in the last few hours someone has put their hands on the PlayStation 4 edition of Horizon Forbidden West.

Somehow that is still not known to the public, the copy of the game is over online and players are taking advantage of it to play illegally the last adventure with the protagonist of the young Aloy. As you can easily imagine, the spread of the copy of the game is leading to the publication of a lot of material on social media, which could not only ruin the experience of players revealing mechanics of gameplay still unknown, but also anticipating important information about history.

Waiting to find out what Sony’s reaction to such a leak will be, we remind you that the Everyeye editorial staff is against piracy and that tampering with the console is not only illegal, but could also damage the hardware irreparablely. We also invite you to visit social media with some attention, as it will be very easy to find spoilers on the exclusive PlayStation in the coming days.

Have you read the new details on Horizon Forbidden West’s skills, companionship and rewards?

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