Horizon Forbidden West On The Game Informer Cover: New Information Coming In

Horizon Forbbiden West is becoming increasingly tangible: less than two months after the launch scheduled for February, Game Informer dedicates the cover of his new issue to the anticipated game of Guerrilla Games.

Exactly with those that preceded it, the new cover of Game Informer is also worthy of being admired, equipped as it is with an artwork that emphasizes the dualism between the lush nature and the west contaminated by a The new issue of the magazine hides within it a rich reportage of 12 pages, in which there is a long interview of in-depth discussion to the guys of Guerrilla Games and the impressions resulting from the vision of two different demos. The first showed one of the initial gaming areas, offering a thorough look at the villages, the characters’ models, the skill tree and the new workbench. The second, however, was taken from a much more advanced stage of play, with the protagonist a new and powerful machine known as Slitherfang.

This new information will not take long to leak on the net after the issue has been published, and the GameInformer editorial staff has also promised surprises over the coming weeks. The exclusive PS4 and PS5 has already been featured on our pages today, since the size of Horizon Forbidden West has leaked without the day one patch.

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