Horizon Forbidden West On Ps4 And Ps5: How Big Is The Map? Comparison With Zero Dawn

How vast will the West Forbidden West be? With the launch of the kolossal PS4 and PS5 becoming increasingly close, we asked the narrative director Benjamin McCaw and senior writer Annie Kitain what the greatness and, with it, the longevity of the

The two high-level development team representatives within the PlayStation Studios subsidiary, as easily predictable, did not want to show off their side to annoying spoilers but nevertheless offered important clarifications on the extension of the open world map of Forbidden

McCaw says that the size of the Forbidden West and the extent of the adventure will be “essentially comparable to those of the first chapter, perhaps slightly larger but not exaggeratedly larger.” The adjective chosen by the Narrative Director to describe the size of the Forbidden West map and the longevity of the main campaign is not at all random, since it ideally relates to the statements with which Angie Smets, producer of Guerrill

Guerrilla’s intention is therefore to relate the extent of the West scenario Forbidden to the content proposed by the game experience as a whole, thus finding a fair compromise for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of history and who,

For a definitive clarification of the size of the open world of Sony’s latest exclusive, we just have to be patient until the launch of the title, scheduled for February 18 on PS4 and PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, we leave you with our exclusive interview with Guerrilla Games and the many information snapped by the authors of the Dutch software house on Horizon Forbidden West between history characters and tribes.

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