Horizon Forbidden West: New State Of Play Event In View? An Insider Is Certain

From the columns of his Twitter profile, the now famous insider Tidux reflects on the increasingly forthcoming release of the exclusive PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West and, addressing its followers, is certainly said to be

The “deep angle” of the Japanese technological giant avoids unnecessary twists of words and specifies that “we are now in 2022. There is a State of Play planned for early February, it will be dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West.” To listen to the insider, therefore, the digital show should precede the marketing of the sci-fi kololossal of Guerrilla by a few days, presumably to offer enthusiasts an overview of gameplay novelties and an infa

In the past, Tidux has repeatedly demonstrated the reliability of its anticipations, just quote in this sense the lead of the functionality of the DualSense of PS5 of January 2020 with the indiscretions, aimed at the launch of the Sony console, on

Regardless of whether or not Tidux’s previous advances are true, we invite those who follow us to take these new leaks with due care and to consider them as such until the announcement (or denial) by the PlayStation team. Meanwhile, we remind you that Horizon Forbidden West is due to be launched on February 18th on PS4 and PlayStation 5.

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