Horizon Forbidden West: Many New Details About Skills, Companionship And Rewards

A few hours after the arrival of images and videos on the tribes of the Forbidden West, we return to talk about Horizon Forbidden West thanks to a new wave of details emerged during the evening.

Since the last issue of Game Informer have in fact emerged numerous details not only on the gameplay but also on other dynamics of game. It begins with a little in-depth study of the films, which, according to the stated, not only show the muscles of the graphic section, but also propose animations (including facial ones) of the first level and with dialogues that do not disappoint. Guerrilla Games has also decided to work with great attention to the game world, which should give players the impression of being “living” thanks to the various NPCs that will move to the inhabited centers and devote themselves to their activities.

The magazine also talked about the tree of skills, whose branches are dedicated to the different specializations: body-to-body, traps, long-range weapons, survival/collection of resources, hacking and stealth. Each of these specializations should offer from 20 to 30 skills, which allow to create many different combinations. Among Aloy’s various abilities we also find the possibility to perform an advanced scan of the surrounding environment to highlight the hold-ups, details on weaknesses and routines of enemies and resources to collect. As you know, the equipment will also affect the main character’s statistics and, to allow players to experiment with builds, the rewards obtained when completing the missions will be numerous and generous. There is also a practical system that allows you to identify with great agility the components necessary to manufacture the reinforcements we need.

Among the various details that emerged on the game we find also new information about the companions, that is the machines with which Aloy can interact to make them fight at their side or to use them as riding: it seems that, compared to the previous chapter, their number will

We remind you that, according to the latest rumors, Sony could soon announce a State of Play dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West.

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